BeULuv Whats In A Name

1.  BeULuv is a spin off of my middle name Beulah. 
I'm my grandmothers name sake. Her first name is Beulah.  At all of 70+ years she is anything else but unafraid to be herself.  She inspires me so.

2.  Be U and "lah" to me means love.
Lah to me meaning love comes mostly from songs of the 70's like: the Delfonics- la la la means I love you. And Minnie Riperton- la la la loving you.

3.  Its a name and a statement all in one.
Sad to say growing up I didn't see the beauty in my name. I was quite frankly embarrassed by it and didn't want anyone to know what my middle name was ever.  And those who knew can tell you it took some time getting it out of me.  I am a shy person and was never really comfortable with myself and being who I am.  Til one day during one of my many conversations with God about this, He spoke this in to my spirit.  "Be you love."
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