New To Me: Double sided nail tape


Howdy do peoples.  I hope you all have been well and enjoying life as I have.  I'm back at this blogging thing and wanted to share with you something new, atleast to me, that cuts the mess of dealing with glue when applying false nails. Double sided nail tape.

I purchased these from and was excited to use them.  They come 20 to a pack for $1 and I purchased 3 of them.

I found it akward applying the tape. I first applied it to the false nail and then placed the nails over my natural nails.  Next go around I will try it the other way around. 

Over all my only concern was that with all the washing of my hands and what not, if the tape would hold.  I wore these particular nails for a day while using a lot of hand sanitizer. I then removed them with no problem because they where a bit longer than what I am use to wearing.  I will try the tape again with a shorter style nail. 

Thanks for reading. Til next time



LaNeshe M.W. said...

They look pretty!

Dee said...

Thanks for sharing the tip about the nail tape. I'll have to give it a try. By the way, your nails really look great.

Oh and thanks for following me. I'm following you now, too... :)

BrownBlossom said...

I have a pair of Impress press-on nails that I got as a gift and they have the glue/tape pre-attached to the nail. I've tried Impress nails before and they lasted the whole day through-out washing my hands!

I tried the nail glue tape years ago for some false nails and they didn't hold up well, but it might have been me.

Hekyma _ said...

Nice, i love it ! X

Follow me on GFC, I always follow back !

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