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Hello beautiful people! Happy 1st of February.  Right now it's after midnight, and I can't sleep.  I have sooo much running thru my mind.  Some of it relevant some not, but I know that God is handling both the big and small things.  Nothing is to insignificant to Him.

With that said, and I'm laughing at myself as I write this, but for the past few weeks I've been concerned about my neck.  To be more specific, I'm concerned that my neck is getting fat.   I feel silly being concerned about such a thing, but I can't shake it.  I look in the mirror and I can't help but do a twice over.  Sometime I look and it seems like I'm in bad lighting and I'm just imagining it.  Then sometimes it looks short and stubby, like I'm not holding my head up properly.

I'm to the point that I make sure I'm holding my head up and somewhat stretching my neck.  I've looked into exercises for neck fat.  I don't like the idea of having a fat neck. It just isn't becoming on me.  Are there more important things that I can be concerned about? Yes, but I'm amused that I'm so concerned about my possible neck fat.  hehe... I have to laugh at myself. 

Oh well, my eyes are getting tired. Back to sleep I go.

Til next time



Dee said...

Hi, I've been blog hopping and I found your blog today. I really enjoy 'meeting' new bloggers so I'm really glad I stumbled across this post. Blessings to you and I hope you're enjoying your week... :)

BeULuv said...

Aww, thank you so much for stopping by.

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