Come and Gone: A Reflection


Well it's December 26th 2015 and Christmas (xmas for many) has come and gone. Dare I say hallelujah that xmas is over? I have to say that this was the most non-stressful and peaceful Christmas that I've had in like ever. I mean really.

Woke up about 8 am.  Opened gifts around 9:30am.  Dinner was ready to eat around 11 am. I cooked a lot of the meal the day before and we ate all day.  Chilled and enjoyed my family with there gifts.  My Christmas want this year was very humble. I would like some cute pajamas and some good house shoes, please.  Done and done. I was so content. Watched a little Youtube. Cleaned a little house, yup I washed dishes, vacuumed the carpet, and tidied up the living room.  Welcomed my brother and his girlfriend.  They stopped by to eat and hangout.  After they left, I tackled my hair then  I showered and threw on a pair of my new comfy pajamas. It was a wrap.

Working up to Christmas I reminded myself, it's not about the gifts.  It's not about me, it's not even about them. I made a conscious effort not to get caught up in the world's commercialized xmas.  And on Christmas there was a peace that was with me all the day long.  It was the peace and acknowledgement of Christ our Lord. The reason for the season.


Merry Christmas She's Alive


Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas! I've come out of hiding to wish you all good tidings and cheer.  I hope life is treating you well.  For those that are still with me- Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I know it's been many moons, a lot has been going on. I haven't forgot about the blog, I just didn't have the want to post anything. And if I have any fellow bloggers then you know how that goes.

Anyways, how have you all been?  Whats new?


Happy Mother's Day


I know it's late and the day is just about over, but I didn't want to let it pass by without wishing all the mothers a fantabulous Mother's Day.  I hope it was full of love, appreciation, and celebration. 

Mine was peaceful and chill.  I had a dinner invitation but passed.  I didn't want to deal with the crowds.  Today it wasn't about the celebration for me.  I took some time to step back and evaluate my roll as a parent.  I have a 22 year old and a 13 year old.  So I want to be sure that I'm doing the best I can when it comes to growing and nurturing them in there current stages.  

So that's that.  Til next time.


Day & Night


For me my days and nights begin and end the same way, with prayer.  And I use the term prayer loosely.  Sometimes it's just me talking and reflecting.  I don't think God minds either way.  It's just a comfort to me knowing that He hears and is listening to me.  I sometime feel like who am I that He is so mindful of me.  It's amazing, really.

With all my faults, and troubles, He still loves me.  Wow!  Sometime I don't even want to deal.  But He's there without fail each and every time to pull me out of my pit and get me on my way.  There is nothing I can do without Him.  Nothing.

If you don't already have a relationship with the Lord, I pray and encourage you to open up your heart and let Him in.   

Til next time


Me On The Cover Of A Magazine: Almost


Howdy do peoples.  A few weeks ago I attended my first natural hair event and the event was featured on   Wow! I'm so beside myself.  I've collected Essence magazines for years and it's really cool to have my pic on the site.  Almost a dream come true.

Til next time


New To Me: Double sided nail tape


Howdy do peoples.  I hope you all have been well and enjoying life as I have.  I'm back at this blogging thing and wanted to share with you something new, atleast to me, that cuts the mess of dealing with glue when applying false nails. Double sided nail tape.

I purchased these from and was excited to use them.  They come 20 to a pack for $1 and I purchased 3 of them.

I found it akward applying the tape. I first applied it to the false nail and then placed the nails over my natural nails.  Next go around I will try it the other way around. 

Over all my only concern was that with all the washing of my hands and what not, if the tape would hold.  I wore these particular nails for a day while using a lot of hand sanitizer. I then removed them with no problem because they where a bit longer than what I am use to wearing.  I will try the tape again with a shorter style nail. 

Thanks for reading. Til next time


Random: Neck Fat


Hello beautiful people! Happy 1st of February.  Right now it's after midnight, and I can't sleep.  I have sooo much running thru my mind.  Some of it relevant some not, but I know that God is handling both the big and small things.  Nothing is to insignificant to Him.

With that said, and I'm laughing at myself as I write this, but for the past few weeks I've been concerned about my neck.  To be more specific, I'm concerned that my neck is getting fat.   I feel silly being concerned about such a thing, but I can't shake it.  I look in the mirror and I can't help but do a twice over.  Sometime I look and it seems like I'm in bad lighting and I'm just imagining it.  Then sometimes it looks short and stubby, like I'm not holding my head up properly.

I'm to the point that I make sure I'm holding my head up and somewhat stretching my neck.  I've looked into exercises for neck fat.  I don't like the idea of having a fat neck. It just isn't becoming on me.  Are there more important things that I can be concerned about? Yes, but I'm amused that I'm so concerned about my possible neck fat.  hehe... I have to laugh at myself. 

Oh well, my eyes are getting tired. Back to sleep I go.

Til next time


Review: The Puff Cuff


I wanted to wait til I was able to achieve satisfactory results before giving my full review on this item.  It took me a couple of tries, but finally I got it.

This pic was of my first try. My hair was in an old twist out and needed to be washed.  I followed the direction from the video, but as you can tell from the picture, I didn't achieve a puff at all.

I thought it was me so I put the puff cuff away. I tried once or twice more, each time my hair had been in twist previously, no puff. But I wasn't giving up.

One day just after washing my hair, I decided to give it another try. And viola. I had a puff.  I had to tie my hair with a loose band so that I could place the puff cuff.  I then removed the band from my hair.  Otherwise without the help of the band, I would not be able to hold all my hair and place the puff cuff.  The band was a big help. Otherwise using the puff cuff was easy peasy. And very comfortable.  I even slept in it.

For $11.95 I think it's cool.  No more buying and loosing bands. For me it worked best on freshly washed poofy hair.

For anyone thinking of giving the puff cuff a try, I hope this helped.

Til next time


2015: Year Of Determination


Happy New Year!! My lovely people. I couldn't let another day go by without wishing you a happy new year. It is my prayer that you have room to receive all that the lord has in store for you in this new year.

I am having so much revelation as I get back into going to church and on track with the word.  For my new year I want to set a tone. So I decided to once again declare a word for my year.  This year will be a year of 'determination'.   I am so determined this year to accomplish my yearly goals for my personal life and business. This year I want to receive all that God has for me.

I know that I'm the queen of procrastination so determination is very much needed. I will also be determined to not feel overwhelmed or give up because I know it's not going to be easy. 

I'm so excited for the new year and I hope you are also.  So much to do, so I better get to it.

Til next time.

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