Won't He Do It: Church


For some time now I've been looking for a church to call home.  Not only have I been looking, but I have also been prying about it. I've visited a few churches and looked into a few before I actually went. Sometime you don't know what your walking into. If I hadn't heard of the church before hand as far as being invited or knowing someone already who went there, yes I did a little research. I didn't want any surprises.

Praise Him by Lawrence Childress

Half way through the year I just handed it over to God. And for that time I remained without a church to go to.  But in true God form, he lead me to a church.  And in true God form, He let me know that He hadn't forgot about me.  I really enjoy this church. And love the way the pastor gets deep into the word using the bible.  Not just a sermon that makes you feel good.   Hallelujah! Won't He do it!

What has God been up to in your life?  I'd love to hear about it.

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