30Layers30Days DAY 6: SMOTHERED


- DAY 6 -

Our lives are full of demands.

We are often more occupied with what other people need from us and what we are expected to do, than we are with what we need for ourselves -- to the extent that we feel guilty for taking time and energy for ourselves. 

What people and things are making it hard for you to breathe right now?

Wow! As far as people, I believe myself. I'm smothering myself.  I have so much time to myself during the day and most of the time is spent alone.  Wow! I often feel overwhelmed with my thoughts and dreams for myself and family, and doing everything I know to bring my dreams to reality.

I keep saying wow because it's like I just had an epiphany, wow.  As far as things, I believe it's my trying to stay busy. But there is so much that I would like to accomplish that I'm not accomplishing much at all, due to my lack of organizing.  It's clear that some things need to change.

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