30Layers30Days Day 13: Irregular


-  DAY 13  -

Many of us have developed the habit of not expressing ourselves creatively for fear that we won't be understood.  We harbor feelings of being weird, irregular -- even unacceptable.  

Our inner critics reject us before anyone else can. So the question is, what does your mind say when you are beating yourself up?  What does your mind tell you is 'wrong' with you? 

Whatever your answer is, keep in mind that any 'irregularities' you perceive in yourself are just preferences you have that may be outside of the 'norm' -- whatever that is. They are part of what makes you, you.  These things will actually make you more powerful if you learn to love, understand and accept them.

Maybe not so funny, but when I beat myself up with words there is a voice similar to my mothers.  Although my mother is a very loving and encouraging woman, her tone of voice when you've done something wrong sticks with you. And a voice very similar is what I hear in my head. 

I feel irregular all the time and have since I was young.  My mind would tell me that I was too tall, too skinny, too quite for a girl my age.  These irregularities over the years have fallen to the wayside only to be replaced with others. But now I know better than to let them get me down.

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