Wish I Was There


All weekend I was glued to my Facebook and Instagram. Living vicariously through my friends and people that I subscribe to that where lucky enough to be present at the Essence Music Festival.
This has been on my bucket list for years and this year was no exception.  But this year I really wanted to be there and all due to him. The Purple Majesty, Prince!! 

via essence.com

via essence.com

Wish I was there. Hopefully this isn't the last time he'll perform there and I can make future plans to see him.  So hope is not lost. ☺

What concerts have you attended this summer or wished you where there?

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alx said...

Don't we all wish we saw Prince?

Start planning to go next year, NOW! You can do it.

The Indie said...

I went to a show in the beginning of summer (technically spring) lol, I saw Childish Gambino which was amazing because I'd never been to an outdoor concert even though I had been to several before - cool experience. I was also living vicariously through someone's instagram account when it came to those Prince shots. He's a phenomenal artist. I also hope to see him live one day :)

BeULuv said...

Yes Alx! I can and will I know it will happen eventually. Thanks for reading☺

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