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So I woke up a day or two ago to find the above circled offender on my forehead.  Very disrespectful like, to this day still has not gone away.  Ughh!

Do I have acne issues? I wouldn't say so, but every once in a while this happens.  Aside from that you may also be able to tell that I have oily skin, blemishes, black heads and in need of my eye brows did lol.  In a nut shell I need a skin care regimen badly. My regimen until now consisted of me washing my face in the mornings on being on my way.

So off the bat the first thing I plan on doing is, uping my water intake! I don't mind water, I just don't drink as much of it as I should.

Secondly, I need to find a product combination that works for me. The products that I use now aren't totally useless but they don't address all my issues or they may help if only I used them. Example being toner.

So to start here is what I've come up with for my regimen. I will try this for the remainder of the month to see if it works in regards to products that I'm using. I will make changes as necessary.

CLEANSE: Morning and night using Aveeno Clear Complexion
TONE: Mornings with Witch Hazel
MOISTURIZE: Mornings with Ambi Essentials Daily Moisturizer w/ SPF 15
EXFOLIATE: Once a week with Ambi Exfoliating Wash

Also weekly: A cleansing mask

One to try a Witch Hazel Mud Mask 3x/week. Blend 1 tsp Witch Hazel, 1 tsp green clay powder & 1 tsp raw honey. Apply for 15 min. avoiding eye area. Rinse with lukewarm water.

So, this is what I've come up with, hopefully at the end of the month I'll see some changes.

Do you have a skin care regimen? Do you think you need a lot of products to have a successful regimen?

Til next time



alx said...

Laughing at that picture!

I've been putting apple cider vinegar on my breakouts, it helps, but my skin isn't as good as yours.

BeULuv said...

So glad your laughing with me Alx. Is apple cider vinegar like a toner? I have some cause I hear so much about it but need to look into all it's benefits and uses.

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