Sew Happy Project #7 Or Should I Say Sew Frustrated


This is what I've been sewing on for the past week or two. Putting it down and picking it up again.  With all that I've sewn this summer so far this has been the most challenging.  They have pockets, darts front and back, a zipper and waist closure in back.

When I took on this project I knew I would have some trouble, considering I've never sewn a zipper or darts before.  I was prepared to learn something new.  Well I did learn to do those things with no problem. Yay me! But what has me stuck and frustrated is the waistband. Yes, the waistband, the last thing I thought would give me trouble.  Nope, a waistband wont let me be great. lol.

At this point I don't have time for that. And will be putting this project on hold and will be returning to it after I call my Momma for help at another time.

Til next time



Ugo Ukam said...

lol...don't give up, i think your doing better than me...cause i can't sew anything. but i plan on learning

BeULuv said...

It's a fun skill to have although learning can be frustrating at times.

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