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I joined a book club recently on and this weekend was my first book discussion. I attended the discussion with my sister who also joined the club. The book up for discussion was a book that I would have never picked up to read otherwise.  This is the very reason why I joined a book club, I want to broaden myself and open myself up to reading new things. I usually just read african american fiction, christian fiction, some historical fiction and self help books.  I know there is sooo much more out there and I wanted to be open to trying it.

Over all I enjoyed getting different opinions of what others thought of the book. I enjoyed it for the most part, while others thought it was bad and others thought the plot was just plain stupid. lol. Like I said it was cool knowing what others thought. I'm looking forward to the next discussion.

I know it's late in the week but how did your weekend go? Do you have a love for reading? If so what are you reading now?

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Ugo Ukam said...

i've been flooding my self with francine rivers books...i have them in pdf. but reading a book in my hand takes forever....i don't know why...may be a book club will help me.

BeULuv said...

@ Ugo Ukam is pdf the same as kindle or nook reading? I agree they are totally different reading experiences compared to reading a book with pages. Book clubs are fun go for it ☺

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