Sew Happy Project Week 3


Ok so this weeks Sew Happy project is running a bit behind. I still need to hem the sleeves and bottom part. And I also need to add button holes and buttons. But it could be worse. Like being stuck and not having anyone to help me out. So I'm thankful for my mother and her sewing skills.

This week I ventured to make a men's shirt for fathers day. A what looked like a simple pattern was not. Atleast not for me and my skill level.

 Once again I had to bring in the big guns (my mom) lol to get it put together.  The collar took what seemed like forever. But then I made some mistakes that had to be corrected.
 This is almost finished just need to finish the hems and add buttons.

I enjoyed working with my mom to get this done. Or almost done anyway. After I finish this up it's on to the next. I haven't decided yet what I want to make. Maybe a dress? You will just have to wait and see.

Til next time.


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