People Places Things #5


It's been a loooong time since I've done one of these. Today I participated in my first MeetUp. The group is called Frugals, it's a thrifting group and I had so much fun. I've never done MeetUp before and just thought I would try it to get to meet new people and discover new places.

Today's MeetUp was at Goodwill. And we could only spend a max of twenty dollars on an outfit head to toe. We had lunch afterwards, showed our goodies and voted on the best outfit.

The meeting place

My 20 dollar bill

Frugal and organizer of the meething


All of us the Frugals

The winner of the best outfit got a choice of a appetizer or dessert courtesy of the organizer. And guess who won with two votes. Haha.  Everyone else had one vote.

Winning out fit with shoes
The cheese cake was good, I didn't think to take a picture. But trust me, I won. lol. I spent a total of 14 dollars for both outfits with shoes included.

So how is your weekend so far? Have you ever used MeetUp?

Til next time,

Sew Happy Project #4 & Polka Dots It Is


Ok, so I had a change in plans with this one, but that's ok.   The fabric that I wanted to use wasn't enough so I had to switch up.  I'm just glad that I had something in my stash that was enough.  I have nothing against polka dots, my heart was just set on the other material. But oh well polka dots it is.

I really like how it turned out. I might get some more material and make more. Might. This was really really easy. Although I didn't hem it. It only called for it around the arm openings. I'll get around to it.

Not sure what my next project will be. Will have to see.

Til next time


IJS (I'm Just Saying) Random


You are beautiful
You are strong
You can do it
Do what I don't know
But I know you can.


Week 3 Sew Happy Project Done and Done


Ok so I'm finally finished with my week 3 project.  

  Hems done. Buttonholes with buttons done and done.

Sew Happy project #4. It was my goal to do a project a week but last week was so busy and I still hadn't finished week 3. So I'll just start numbering them. This is my project #4.  I'll post at the end of the week when finished.

Til next time!


New Look


Have you noticed anything different around here?  Yup, I did just a little blog makeover.  I like the simplicity of it yet it's still cute. I may still do a little tweaking, but for now I like it. What do you all say? Do you like?

Til next time.




I love this hair piece.

Til next time.


Sew Happy Project Week 3


Ok so this weeks Sew Happy project is running a bit behind. I still need to hem the sleeves and bottom part. And I also need to add button holes and buttons. But it could be worse. Like being stuck and not having anyone to help me out. So I'm thankful for my mother and her sewing skills.

This week I ventured to make a men's shirt for fathers day. A what looked like a simple pattern was not. Atleast not for me and my skill level.

 Once again I had to bring in the big guns (my mom) lol to get it put together.  The collar took what seemed like forever. But then I made some mistakes that had to be corrected.
 This is almost finished just need to finish the hems and add buttons.

I enjoyed working with my mom to get this done. Or almost done anyway. After I finish this up it's on to the next. I haven't decided yet what I want to make. Maybe a dress? You will just have to wait and see.

Til next time.


Sew Happy Summer Week Two


So I've been a busy, busy bee this week. Here is my latest for my Sew Happy Summer project.

 This is the jumpsuit that I ventured to make, along with the animal print silky knit fabric.

 I got stuck along the way and was able to text my mom this pic. She was able to look at it and tell me what I was doing wrong. And once again I was on my way. Thanks mom!

 It only took me all day and an hour phone call to my mom, but I finished it. Yay!

It even has pockets, what! Sew happy with how it turned out. I was thinking the shorts would be too short, but they fit just how I want them.  Once again, sew happy!

Til' next time

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