Lend Me An Ear


Ok so in March I was done. Frustrated with not enough space, and a lot of things that I don't even wear.  I have a ton of jewelry that I buy and don't wear. Why? More like out of sight out of mind. Most of it is stored away.  So all of March I challenged myself to wear a different pair of earrings. And I did it! Each day wearing a different pair. If I was thinking I would have documented it. But any way I was so proud of me, I just had to reward myself. With what you ask.

Yup more earrings. I ordered them from a fellow blogger who makes them. I actually just ordered one pair (the multi-colored ones) and the other pair was a gift. Both pair are in high rotation, so money well spent. And since my challenge I've been making it a habit to switch things up. Yay me.

What have you been switching up?

P.S. I've had this in my drafts since March. Happy to finally get it out. Don't judge. lol


My Summer Of Sewing


Howdy do loves? I hope everything has been fine and dandy in your life, as it has mine.  I will be sew happy this summer! I have so many patterns and material it's ridiculous. Made this shirt today this is the jump off.

Til next time,

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