Oh You Didn't Know


Things you may not know about me...

1. I love to dress and put outfits together and what not, but when it come to the shoes... I just don't know.
2. My hair and I are not friends.
3. I don't like my music to mix, but I'm slowly getting over it. I just may need the Lord after listening to bootylicious
4. Growing up I wanted to be everything from a editor for Essence Magazine to a lawyer.
5.  I like zebra print, I don't know why. (shrugs)
6.  My all time favorite person in history is Wilma Rudolph.
7.  I'm not a good dancer but that doesn't stop me
8.  I'm a sucka for cheese cake
9.  Right now I'm listening to Janelle Monae as I type
10. My favorite holiday is Easter

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