Hello It's Me Again


Woke up early this morning to freshly drenched earth due to the rain last night while I slept.  I usually don't wake up this early with the need to write. I've been gone for a minute, although not intentional, from the blog. And this morning I feel refreshed and made anew, just like the earth from the rain. 

Where do I want to go with this personal affirmation blog? I created this blog as a reminder to myself and others to be yourself.  Be yourself with your style, creativity, thoughts, with every part of your being and to love yourself.  How hard can that be, right? Well, even with the constant reminder I at times find it hard. Especially with others watching.  Although I have gotten better, I have to admit that it is hard. But hey, I'm up for the challenge. So I guess I'll keep going with it.

I want to thank you all for reading and supporting with comments and subscribing. Thanks for sticking with me.


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