Going to Market


I'm super excited for Saturday to get here.  I've been sewing my little heart out making pillows for Saturdays market at a local church. This is the third time that I've participated.  I have so much fun preparing and even more fun selling during the big day.

Pillows, pillows everywhere.

I do sports themed cause that's what seems to sell. I don't know much about football and I know its not football season but hey, I don't think they mind.

Feeling giddy, til next time



ReBorYn said...


LaNeshe M.W. said...

I hope it went well!

Dee D said...

I'm glad I stumbled across your blog, it's so down to earth. I wish I knew how to sew. I love the idea of making pillows. Have a great day... :)

BeULuv said...

Thanks for stopping by. I am now addicted to going to market. I now go every other week.

Skyline Spirit said...

pretty nice blog, following :)

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