Boy Please!


I am on a ball, the Lord is my strength, yall.  Been wanting some jeans with the boyfriend look, not about to pay for them in store. So I made some out of a pair of men jeans from the thrift store.  I just took in the legs and bam! I haven't distressed them or anything yet. I may in the future. But for right now I'm a happy camper.

Til next time



Michell Pulliam said...

Bam! That's what I'm talking about, and they were cheap too! Lol! :-)

M Waithera said...

i never thought of that actually thanks for the idea :) x

BeULuv said...

@ Michell Yes way cheaper than if I would have brought in store. Thanks for subbing.

BeULuv said...

@ M Waithera Your welcome! :)

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