Not Committed: Tattoos


What you are looking at is my foot. And a faux tattoo of a rose. I have mixed feelings about tattoos.  Some I see are beautiful and then there are some that are just ugly and look all over the place.  I also have my opinions of women and tattoos.  Some are cute and look classy. And then again some go over board to the point that it looks over done and mannish.  Sorry tattoo lovers but I had to say it. 

Although I'm not totally against tattoos, I think it's your body and you have to live with it. I, myself wouldn't go the permanent route, I would do as I've done above and apply faux tattoos.  Just to spice things up a bit. I chose the foot because I like the way the tattoo is displayed with a cute shoe. I have some other ideas that I will share in another post. I didn't want to apply to many at once. But I thought this would be fun. 

Is there anything that you like the look of, but don't want to commit to permanently, so you go the faux route? 

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