It always feels good to score a great deal or unexpected item. Here are a few from the weekend.

These shoes I scored for 7 bucks! I don't know and don't care if snake skin or pointed toes are in. I really like the way the strap wraps around my ankles. Super cute!
 I scored this tee for 3 bucks and I had plans to alter it to an off the shoulder tee, but it's a bit too fitted and I don't think that it would work.  So I'll just wear it as is.
 I was at the library and was looking threw the new books section like I always do and found this book. Score! I've read all her books so far and had no idea she was out with a new one.
I put this series on hold and didn't expect to get them all in at the same time. Score! Again. Now I can have a marathon. Although I still need season five. I think that will take me up til they went to BET network, and that's ok. By then the show was a hot, hot mess.

So did you score any deals or items this weekend?

Til' my next post,



LaNeshe M.W. said...

Those shoes are indeed super cute!

BeULuv said...

Thanks LaNeshe!

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