My junk got in the way: A sewing fail


I attempted to sew this skirt.

The directions where easy enough. I took the measurements for my waist and made it somewhat larger for room to walk  as the instructions state. I get the sewing and everything is going fine. All til I try it on before inserting the elastic, and guess what?  I didn't account for the junk in my trunk or my hips for that matter.  So the skirt is tight in that area and I can't wear it :(

As you can see my hips are causing the pockets to poke out.

But try, try again!  I will be remaking this and this time I will take into account a few extra measurements.  

I'm a little disappointed that I can't reuse this fabric. I love it! But what I have left of it isn't enough to make another.  So I still want an african print, and I  searched the web and finally found a print I like. 

African Maasai Fancy Star Fabric
Can't wait to receive it and get to work. I'll post pics when finished. Soooo excited!

Til' I post again



LaNeshe M.W. said...

Awww, sorry it didn't work out. Maybe you can make a bag or something out of that fabric.

BeULuv said...

Thank you LaNeshe. A bag is a great idea!

alx said...

Really nice fabric choices.

You've inspired me to make a clothing item, will put it on my fall "to do" list.

BeULuv said...

Thanks Alx! Post what you make to your blog when your done. I wanna see! lol

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