Second time around: Sewing success!


I finished the skirt! Yay me! This time I bypassed the pockets. I still want to play around with styling it. But over all a happy camper. I'm glad I tried it. Have you tried anything new lately? Do share :)


My junk got in the way: A sewing fail


I attempted to sew this skirt.

The directions where easy enough. I took the measurements for my waist and made it somewhat larger for room to walk  as the instructions state. I get the sewing and everything is going fine. All til I try it on before inserting the elastic, and guess what?  I didn't account for the junk in my trunk or my hips for that matter.  So the skirt is tight in that area and I can't wear it :(

As you can see my hips are causing the pockets to poke out.

But try, try again!  I will be remaking this and this time I will take into account a few extra measurements.  

I'm a little disappointed that I can't reuse this fabric. I love it! But what I have left of it isn't enough to make another.  So I still want an african print, and I  searched the web and finally found a print I like. 

African Maasai Fancy Star Fabric
Can't wait to receive it and get to work. I'll post pics when finished. Soooo excited!

Til' I post again


Look what I can do! Yarn twist


So last weeked I put yarn twist in my hair. And I have to say that I am quite proud of me because I did them all by myself! Yay me!!! Go head, go head!!! I wasn't sure how they would turn out keeping in mind that I don't know anything about doing hair.  YouTube was my teacher. I watched til I was confident in doing the process myself and then I got to it.  I'm happy with the way they turned out, the only thing is that I wasn't able to burn the ends once I got to the back so I just knotted them and let them be. 

Now that I know how to do this it just may be my go to protective style. What do you think? I did good huh?

Til my next post.


My summer wrap up


Well although summer isn't officially over for another month now. I wanted to revisit my summer bucket list to see how I planned it to go in comparison to how it actually has gone so far.

How I planned it

  1. Find a good book series to read
  2. Hang out by the pool
  3. Eat lots of ice cream
  4. Get out of town ( I would like to mosey on over to San Diego and spend a day at the beach)
  5. Up my summer wardrobe game (maybe sew some things)
  6. Cookout with the family
  7. Spend less time in the kitchen
  8. Summer night drives
  9. And enjoy life! 

How it's going

  1. Yes, the Blessings novel series by Beverly Jenkins and the book Far from the tree by Virginia Deberry gave me life. 
  2. Did step foot near the pool atleast not yet :)
  3. Yes, Dairy Queen's peanut butter bash my favorite and I had plenty of it.
  4. Nope, and I don't think will happen this summer:(
  5. Yes, a few new top and bottoms along with a sundress or two :)
  6. Everyone has been so busy, this hasn't happened yet
  7. I tried but got out of the kitchen atleast once a week. Better than nothing.
  8. Not as many as I would like, and what was I thinking gas is expensive to just be driving around. lol
  9. Yes, I have to say that all in all it's been a good summer. 

How about you?

Til I post again,


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