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I am semi addicted to this site! If you have never tried it you should, you never know what your gonna find. I've both brought and sold on the site and was pleased with both ends of service. There are some draw backs on the selling side, one is, I can only get on after midnight and the other is the $1.50 every time you list an item. It can be killer if you don't price right for the minimum bid. If your item sells they also take a 15% commission. So bids are crucial to up your profit. Selling can be really fun cause you get up in front of the crowd and sell your item and hope for bids.  This is done via live chat room, and everything is live.  So instant gratification for selling and bidding is fun also.

Like I said I've brought from the site as well. Shipping was fast in both cases. Here's a looky at what I brought.

Have you found any cool web sites lately? Do share in the comments. Til next time.



alx said...

Never heard of this site, will check it out.

Vee said...

I've heard of them but never bought anything. I just discovered They have awesome deals :)

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