Do you Pinterest? Me too!


Ok, so maybe I got a little carried away with the everybody's doing it. So I am now on Pinterest. If you are I would love to follow you. Let me know where to find you in the comments.  Happy pinning!


From This To That


I have a ton of fashion jewelry and nowhere to put it. So as of lately I been getting a little creative with my storage solutions. I haven't found a place for everything yet but I'm well on my way.  Here are a few ideas I've been using.

 Some of my fishhook post earrings I still have a ton more and need more like this.  This is a cd rack turned earring holder.

My man goes fishing a lot, these use to hold hooks and things. But he gave these containers to me and viola storage for my stud earrings. I still have a ways to go but like I said I'm on my way. How do you store your fashion jewelry?


The Look: Off the Shoulder


I love this whole look the hair, jewelry, bag, everything!


The Look: Stripes


maxi in winter

Loving this look. I just love a cute striped anything. And this striped skirt is giving me everything I need. 


I Feel Pretty


L.A. Colors shade Meadow

Treated myself to a new shade of polish. I feel so much more girly after I paint my nails. 

I'm skipping away now while singing "I feel pretty, oh so pretty". Haha. Til next time.

Photobucket Review and Goodies


I am semi addicted to this site! If you have never tried it you should, you never know what your gonna find. I've both brought and sold on the site and was pleased with both ends of service. There are some draw backs on the selling side, one is, I can only get on after midnight and the other is the $1.50 every time you list an item. It can be killer if you don't price right for the minimum bid. If your item sells they also take a 15% commission. So bids are crucial to up your profit. Selling can be really fun cause you get up in front of the crowd and sell your item and hope for bids.  This is done via live chat room, and everything is live.  So instant gratification for selling and bidding is fun also.

Like I said I've brought from the site as well. Shipping was fast in both cases. Here's a looky at what I brought.

Have you found any cool web sites lately? Do share in the comments. Til next time.


Fun Times: A Day At The Lake


A few pics from my day at the lake.

 Great view of the mountains

 Trying to fish, lol. Didn't catch nothing

Enjoying a great book on the Nook. 

It was a wonderful and relaxing day. I really should do this more often. 


When I don't know what to cook


This site is the best! Why because it helps me put dinner on the table and is perfect for the lazy cook like me. I often wait til the last minute to figure out whats for dinner and with this site, I just put in what I have on hand in the search bar and viola! I get all these recipes to try.  Pretty cool right.

Do you like to cook, if so what?


Now Hair This


Save yourself some wanted hair. The clips with metal clasp will take your natural hair out! And you don't want that. 

A great alternative are the goody ouchless barrettes, I've been using these for a while now and love them.  And they can be found in large and small.

This is not a paid post I just thought you would like to know :)

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