My Birthday


Today was spent lovingly with family and friends.
Thank you Lord for blessing me with another year. Here's to many more.

Being silly, no matter how old I get
I was a Cheesecake Factory virgin and felt a little silly taking pics, but hey I've been trying to get here for the longest. The decor was beautiful and the people so nice.

And the food was y-u-m-m-y. I had the bang bang chicken and shrimp.

The star of the dinner, the cheesecake, was brought home and I forgot to take a pic. I chose the red velvet
not sure how long it will last in my house, but I will enjoy every bite.  A Happy Birthday had by me. Thank you all for the birthday wishes. 



Vee said...

Happy birthday! I'm glad you had a great time. PS: Silly is good, it keeps you young :)

beautyisay said...

Oh I LOVE cheesecake, though I avoid dairy these days.
I love CF's key lime cheesecake, it's so good!

LaNeshe said...

Happy Birthday!

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