Try as they may


I paid off my Macy's card about three months ago and no sooner than I pay it off I get these tempting coupons in the mail.  Well try as they may I am not and will not charge up my card again.  I've had this card for a long time matter of fact it was one of my first credit cards granted to me.  And every time I pay it off I seem to charge it right back up.  Well no more with this madness!  I've made the decision to not charge anything that I can't pay off when the bill comes or don't charge at all.  I'm trying to stick to the don't charge at all.  So far so good :)

I don't want the coupons to go to waste so I just may take cash into the store, use my card to get the discount and then make a payment in the purchase amount immediately after.  I have til October to use them so we shall see.


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