My 5 instant pick me ups


I have to admit that today I was feeling really defeated.  And really could have wallowed in it if I wanted to.  But that's just not me if I can help it.  Which bring us to this post.  I had to get myself out of this rut and fast!  So I didn't do everything on my list but I got out of  the rut I was in just the same.

I put these Cd's on and get the dancing and singing and out the window my funky mood goes. Nothing like being reminded of who you are in Jesus to chase the blues away.

Nothing like retail therapy to put a smile on my face.   One of my favorite online stores was having a sale and I had a 25% off code on top of that so of course I had to get some shopping in.
I didn't have any on hand but chocolate is always an instant pick me up for me.

Changing my nail color or putting on some nail color shifts my mood to happy.

Last but not least putting my problems on the back burner and reaching out to someone else also lifts my spirits. 

So how about you what are some of your pick me ups?

Til next time!



LaNeshe said...

I'm so with you on chocolate and shopping!

D.R. said...

shopping needs to be taken seriously as a therapeutic practice, a quick buy really can be a huge pick me up for me!

alx said...

Nail polish, doing my nails is a great distraction.

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