Hump day Updates #7


Happy 4th! Hump day updates.



alx said...

I used to write in a journal, kind of multi-media with collages and not just writing alone, kind of makes me want to start that again.

I know this is random, but have you ever thought about or other dating sites? I'm just saying cause I recently had a similar conversation with a friend who's very Christian.

There's a youtuber named apriluv777 and she talks about dating and marriage, and she's about 50, she has some interesting takes on the topic and she even talks about her experience with meeting men and how she met her husband like last year.

How's your fitness goal coming along?

alx said...

Oh and I just wanted to share this link, I was watching the video and his journey is interesting

BeULuv said...

Hi alx! Thanks for the link I'll check it out. I'm really enjoying doing the journal. My fitness goal is coming along ok. I'm dating someone but still find the topic of christian dating interesting, plus the book is part of a series that I'm trying to keep up with. Thanks so much for watching.

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