Hump Day Updates #6


Hello beautiful people! Today is hump day so you know what that means. Enjoy!



LaNeshe said...

If you FEEL better, then that is what matters! And remember, muscle weighs more than fat, so you can even gain weight from working out, converting that fat to muscle.

alx said...

Have you checked out the "clean" diet? I want to try it because I've heard some say it clears their skin. and

Also I think a good idea is to join a forum of other people who are also working on the same goals, check out the lhcf's (it's 6.50 forum membership for the year) health and fitness board, it has tons of fellow women of color who are seeking weightloss and better health.

I'm doing a challenge on mydivaspot (cause that board is free to post) for July where we list our goals and you can check as often as you like to.

Or even get a fitness buddy! Come on you can get back on track! I really want to see you achieve your goals.

alx said...

Oh and check out, I think there's a group you can join in Arizona?

BeULuv said...

Thank you ladies for all the great info! Alx I will look into these forums, thanks.

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