I want to see! I gotta see this!


Finally a movie has come to theaters that I have to see. I love the Ice Age series. Ice Age the Melt Down, was hilarius. I don't get tierd of that movie. lol.

I hope this one is as good.


Hump Day Updates #6


Hello beautiful people! Today is hump day so you know what that means. Enjoy!


Hump day updates #5


Sorry for the late upload. This video cuts off at the end, but I was just about through anyway. I hope to do more blog post, but for right now I hope you enjoy these updates.


Hump day updates #4


Fold over clutch, aerobics, books, hair etc. enjoy!


I need to sew something!


It's like I'm having withdrawals. I haven't sewn anything in a while, well I did sew that one skirt, but it didn't give me the fix that I need. haha. So I've been thinking, what can I sew that's not a piece of clothing? Then it came to me! I've been wanting to sew a fold over clutch for a while now and I think that's what I'm gonna do. I searched the web and found a pattern and supplies needed here. Wish me luck, I'm not that good with zippers and this requires one.

Til next time.

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