Dealing With My Weight Then and Now


Hello all I taped this last week. Looking back to go forward.



alx said...

Great video. I can see how it's difficult mentally because you used to be skinny before. Our bodies sometimes go through phases, and the good part is when we want to change, our goals become possible.

Have you considered a pescatarian diet? I do it for about half a year and it's really helpful in eliminating junk in-take or cravings.

I am a chronic sweets lover, but when I'm on my pesca-diet (am now), I tend to cut down on junk intake and cravings, I'm already small, I have lost weight from this way of eating in the past.

A good book I'm hoping to purchase soon is the Beauty Detox, I'm changing my diet constantly hoping to clear my skin up for good.

LaNeshe said...

Being healthy and losing weight is hard. It definitely is. You've got to resolve to eat healthy, and keep unhealthy things and snacks out of the house. Because if it's there, the temptation to eat it will be there. Even if you can join a gym right now you can walk/run in your neighborhood AND Youtube has tons of great workout videos. Good luck!

BeULuv said...

Thanks for watching Alx. I'll have to look into the pesca diet. I do have to keep myself from eating junk and craving certain foods. The Beauty Detox sound interesting I'll check it out as well.

BeULuv said...

Hi LaNesha, thanks for watching. You said it, Youtube. lol

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