I got asked the question


Are you pregnant? I never thought of this question as rude or otherwise before now.  If I can't tell for sure I usually just keep it to myself, unless the second party revels it to me on there own.  But I have to say that I wasn't offended by the question I'm not pregnant although I know it may look like it.  I'm just glad I don't get asked more often.  But being asked this question did give me a little push to do more about it than I have lately.

I called off operation destroy muffin top some time ago and haven't thought anymore about it til now.

 I'm putting these pictures here so that I may do an comparison post later .
I have everything I need to make a healthy turn around.  So once again here goes operation destroy muffin top.  This time I won't quit til the muffin top is destroyed and the mission is complete.



Tracey James said...

This made me smile, I have been on operation muffin top since January. It looks like you and I have a similar shape. I have lost 10 pounds so far and would like to lose 14 more. I have been re training myself to stand tall and not arch my back. It makes a huge difference to how my tummy looks. It's hard work though, but not as hard as not eating cake lol

BeULuv said...

Lol, you got that right Tracey, not eating cake is harder! Congrats on your weight loss.

alx said...

Aw, that's kind of messed up, but maybe it's blessing in disguise.
Think of the health benefits of less stomach weight.

I had someone comment about my skin and I've been operation clear skin for like ever and still trying!

BeULuv said...

Yea, I must think on the bright side of things alx.

But its sad that people can't keep comments about other peoples flaws to themselves.

Remmy said...

The begining is always hard as you may already know, but once you get the knock of it, it will be a smooth road. Dont even try to keep record of your weight lose, ur cloths will tell you, otherwise you may get frustrated and think your doing nothing, the scale is your enemy right now, u have people and your cloths to help you out. All the best dear.

BeULuv said...

Thanks Remmy, I haven't gotten a scale yet although tempted.

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