Hair Rules


To deter myself from buying and experimenting with to many hair products at once I've given myself a rule.  I can not and I repeat can not make a purchase of any new hair products without first depleting or giving away a product. And at this time I'm super excited because I can finely buy a few new products. I've depleted a few of the products that I use and I can finely replace them.  Yay!


Next up on the sewing table


Well I have to say I'm proud of me. All sewing project up to now have been completed. The last thing being a cute little baby blanket for my nephew that's due in a few months. Now its only been a week and I need more. I've had these patterns just haven't made it to the fabric store. So this is what I will be sewing next. Can't wait.

After finishing these two projects I think I will move up to the It's So Easy patterns by Simplicity.  But, we'll see.  Til' next time.


Snapping out of it


I'm snapping out of this lack of posting. I haven't posted anything out of sheer laziness. Please forgive me.


Why not now


If not now, when? For tomorrow is not promised. Til next time.




Happy Tuesday, lovely people! Hope your week is going well. Just wanted to stop in and say Hi! Right now I'm just listening to Pandora. I created an Anita Baker channel and it's giving me everything I need right now. It feels soooo good to be loved. Yes indeed. Til next time.




I haven't blogged lately, but I have been up to other things here's what I've been up to lately :)

Lately I've been playing checkers with my ten year old.  Winning some and letting him win a few. lol.  Would you believe that he didn't know how to play a week ago. lol, kids and technology.

Lately I've been sewing a baby blanket for my soon to be born nephew.

Lately I've been reading and listening to some old tunes. Although not at the same time.

Lately my style of dress has been super casual and comfy.  The weather has been wonderful this winter.  I even seen a lady out in short shorts. lol.

Oh, yea and that blank wall I'm standing in front of, lately I've been playing around with some ideas as to what I should put there.  That's what I've been up to.  Til' next time.

What have you been up to lately?

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