Something to smile about


Awoke this morning clothed in my right mind. Opened my eyes and was able to see all the Lord has/is doing for me. Took in a deep breath and thanked the Lord for all his goodness. In other words, if you have your right mind, can see, breath, hear, talk, walk etc. That's something to smile about! And don't forget the cherry on top, whomp, it's Friday! Again, something to smile about.  The Lord is good. Til' next time my lovely people.



Vee said...

Amen! Definitely something smile about :)

Remmy said...

U look beautiful. and Amen to that,we all should have something to smile about.

Clarissa said...

So true! Thinking back on all the Lord has done (and is doing!), I have plenty of reasons to smile! Thanks for the reminder!

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