Sew Simple Pattern 1967 I did it big!


Well yesterday was another eventful day for me in the world of sewing.  I ventured to do another pattern by myself.  This time I gave pants a try.   Crop pants to be exact.  They came out great! The pattern was Sew Simple. And it was very simple to follow.  I'm very proud of myself and really feel like I'm getting the hang of sewing different pieces of clothing.   Next time around I'm gonna sew a shirt and then I'll try my hand at a dress.

Now on to the down side of this project.  The pants came out great like I said, but one thing.  They are about a size or two too big.  I know I still got the experience of sewing pants, but I was really looking forward to wearing these.  They are drawstring and I can wear them if I really wanted to, but I just may make them again smaller.

Can you tell how huge these pants are?

For all my sewnistas what have you sewn lately?



Vee said...

You SURRRREEE did! It's looks so good. You're not a newbie anymore! That's it! I'm pulling out my sewing machine and my patterns. lol

PS: Joann's is having a pattern sale ($1.99) from march 4-10th.

ChicBrie said...

Hello! this is very cute! Love it! Thank you for stopping by churchgirlchic and following!
Much Love and God Bless!

Anonymous said...

Very very cute and impressive!
Are they made out of jean or slack material?
They look so comfortable and chic

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