Sew here I go


Ok, so I missed out on the sale on the patterns that I posted not to long ago and I'm not about to spend $18 on one pattern let alone two.  I'm thinking that it may be for the best cause even though they did said easy I'm thinking easy for someone with a certain skill level. And I don't think I'm even on that level yet. lol. So what I did was go to walmart to look for a simple pattern. And found this one. In my book simple is a notch down from easy, lol. So once I conquer simple I'll move onto easy. I also took a trip to the fabric store and found the beautiful print fabric. I may make a skirt with each. I can't wait to get started, sew here I go! Til' next time.  P.S. the skirt has pockets, yayyy!



Vee said...

Woohoo...I'm excited! I racked up on patterns when Jo-ann's had them for $.99c. I've only managed to make some alphabet pillows though. I love that fabric, I've been thinking about making some button earrings and I think it would be perfect. Can't wait to see the skirt :)

Anonymous said...

Nice fabrics! Where the pockets hard to do? I have this pattern and want to try it (I stock up whenever I see the .99 sales or 2.99 at the most. Like you, I'm NOT paying full price for patterns lol) Okay, I'm done posting all over your blog-had to catch up! :-)

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