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I just recently got a question asking to recommend a sewing machine for beginners. Although I'm no expert, I am a beginner myself and when I brought my machine I sought out just that. A machine great for beginners. My sewing skills are bare minimal, so any fancy buttons or do dads would just confuse me so I went with the most simple machine I could find. I chose the Brother LX-3125. This machine is great, very simple and easy to use. I would highly recommend it for beginners. It also has a great price point, under a $100.  So you can get into sewing without investing a lot.  So that's my opinion, if you have anything to add or want to suggest a different machine please feel free.  I hope this helps.  Til' next time.



caribbelle said...

I'm still going strong with my first sewing machine. It's a brother LS-2125; I don't know if its still in production but I get good use out of still.

Its due for an oiling pretty soon though. It was a gift and I believe it ran for about $78 bucks, so it didn't hurt anyone's pocket too badly. I'll upgrade one day but I'm getting the most out of this little machine first. <3

alx said...

Thanks so much for this post.

After I saw that fancy skirt you made, I was like I have to ask about a machine.

I have patterns and no machine and want to make some dresses.

I will definitely look into buying this machine.

Anonymous said...

yaaay! Congrats! Mine was under $100 too. My mom bought it-it's a Singer for beginners and does everything I need it to do and more. Happy sewing! :-)

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