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Just recently I took down the page with all the blogs that I sub to. The page hadn't been updated in quite some time, although the goal was to update it as my blog roll grew. That didn't happen because I love to blog hop and so my blog roll is becoming monstrous. But still I love waking in the morning and checking to see what has transpired over night or checking in during the day to see whats new. I'm nosy by nature, lol, so the personal post are right up my alley. And the fashion bloggers help me keep an open mind about fashion and help me to try new things.  I love all the blogs that I sub to and I wanted that to be known.

And I would like to thank all of my subbies thank you for reading and commenting I know I don't always answer I wish it was easier for me to do,  but I do read every comment and greatly appreciate them.

Keep it up ladies and gents, what a fine job your doing.


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