Sew Simple Pattern 1967 I did it big!


Well yesterday was another eventful day for me in the world of sewing.  I ventured to do another pattern by myself.  This time I gave pants a try.   Crop pants to be exact.  They came out great! The pattern was Sew Simple. And it was very simple to follow.  I'm very proud of myself and really feel like I'm getting the hang of sewing different pieces of clothing.   Next time around I'm gonna sew a shirt and then I'll try my hand at a dress.

Now on to the down side of this project.  The pants came out great like I said, but one thing.  They are about a size or two too big.  I know I still got the experience of sewing pants, but I was really looking forward to wearing these.  They are drawstring and I can wear them if I really wanted to, but I just may make them again smaller.

Can you tell how huge these pants are?

For all my sewnistas what have you sewn lately?


Me and the machine


I just recently got a question asking to recommend a sewing machine for beginners. Although I'm no expert, I am a beginner myself and when I brought my machine I sought out just that. A machine great for beginners. My sewing skills are bare minimal, so any fancy buttons or do dads would just confuse me so I went with the most simple machine I could find. I chose the Brother LX-3125. This machine is great, very simple and easy to use. I would highly recommend it for beginners. It also has a great price point, under a $100.  So you can get into sewing without investing a lot.  So that's my opinion, if you have anything to add or want to suggest a different machine please feel free.  I hope this helps.  Til' next time.


I just want to say


Just recently I took down the page with all the blogs that I sub to. The page hadn't been updated in quite some time, although the goal was to update it as my blog roll grew. That didn't happen because I love to blog hop and so my blog roll is becoming monstrous. But still I love waking in the morning and checking to see what has transpired over night or checking in during the day to see whats new. I'm nosy by nature, lol, so the personal post are right up my alley. And the fashion bloggers help me keep an open mind about fashion and help me to try new things.  I love all the blogs that I sub to and I wanted that to be known.

And I would like to thank all of my subbies thank you for reading and commenting I know I don't always answer I wish it was easier for me to do,  but I do read every comment and greatly appreciate them.

Keep it up ladies and gents, what a fine job your doing.


Simplicity Sew simple pattern 1965 I did it !


 Yes! Go head, go head.  I did it, go head.  It was so simple and I plan on making it again in a size smaller.  I still haven't put the hem on it. If I do it will be shorter than I want it. So I'm thinking on it.   I love the fabric! At first I didn't think I could use it because it only measured 43" wide and the pattern stated 45" but I took a chance and I'm glad I did.  I love it! I love it! I love it!

I will be sewing this skirt again. It took me a day to complete and that's because I took my time and a lot of breaks in between.

I think this will be my next thing to sew.  I have a lot of denim fabric I need to use.  They also have another skirt and a dress that I want to try. But I will take my time.  Once I complete these with confidence I think I will move into the So Easy patterns. So excited! Til next time.


R.I.P Whitney Houston


All I can say right now is, wow.  I still don't believe it the reality hasn't hit me yet.  I was so looking forward to seeing her in the sparkle remake. I was really rooting for her come back.  Such talent gone.  R.I.P Whitney.


Sew here I go


Ok, so I missed out on the sale on the patterns that I posted not to long ago and I'm not about to spend $18 on one pattern let alone two.  I'm thinking that it may be for the best cause even though they did said easy I'm thinking easy for someone with a certain skill level. And I don't think I'm even on that level yet. lol. So what I did was go to walmart to look for a simple pattern. And found this one. In my book simple is a notch down from easy, lol. So once I conquer simple I'll move onto easy. I also took a trip to the fabric store and found the beautiful print fabric. I may make a skirt with each. I can't wait to get started, sew here I go! Til' next time.  P.S. the skirt has pockets, yayyy!


Act Of Faith book revisited


I love to revisit this book from time to time.  It has a daily meditation for each day of the year I just picked it back up today and today's meditation was on point.  I think this book is for anyone although it says for people of color.  I'll share today's entry with you and hope I'm not breaking any copyright laws.

Feb 5

Nothing can dim the light which shines from within. -Maya Angelou

Each of us brings to the world unique talents, gifts and abilities.  Even if you don't know what it is, or value what you do, someone, somewhere, will benefit from your presence.  No one can do what you do exactly the way you do it.  It is this uniqueness that makes you valuable to the world.  We are each a unique and valuable as the other.  It was designed that way.  A gift from God.  Gifts are not given on the basis of race or gender.  As a matter of truth, gifts come in many shapes, sizes and colors.  When you do what you do, exactly the way you do it, you are sharing God's gifts, bestowed for the good of the world.

I have something valuable to give the world.

This message was on point for me today because I am often exploring my gifts and how they can be shared with the world or even that one person.  And it saddens me when people give up on ideas just because someone beat them to the punch.  You may have the same idea but because your both unique individuals that idea more than likely will not be carried out the same way.  So I hope that this has helped someone til' next time.


Something to smile about


Awoke this morning clothed in my right mind. Opened my eyes and was able to see all the Lord has/is doing for me. Took in a deep breath and thanked the Lord for all his goodness. In other words, if you have your right mind, can see, breath, hear, talk, walk etc. That's something to smile about! And don't forget the cherry on top, whomp, it's Friday! Again, something to smile about.  The Lord is good. Til' next time my lovely people.


Real Quick


Hey y'all, just wanted to pop in real quick while I had a minute. Hope you all are having a great Wednesday! I'm working on a few posts hope to get them up before the week ends. That's about all for now. Til' next time.

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