That's Why We Pray


It was casual day at church today so I paired this sweatshirt that I got for Christmas with a skirt and tights.  The shirt says "Pray there is great power in it".  And I say Amen to that. 

I pray that you all are well and are having a great weekend.  And that God would keep you and watch over you all as we go into a new week.  Til' next time.

Side note:  I really need to find a good place in my home to take better pics.  Sorry about the electrical switches and outlets.  So tacky I think. LOL



Vee said...

Amen!!! I love that shirt :)

Your pics are fine, you can always crop out the "unwanted" objects. :) But I'll take electric outlets over some toilet "fixture" anytime! lol

Great week to you too :)

alx said...

Amen to prayer.

I wouldn't have noticed the outlets myself. I always point things in my own pictures that no would notice either.

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