New Edition and a New Year


Well I have been soooo excited this past week for the weekend to finely get here so that I could usher out 2011 with one of my favorite groups in the world! New Edition! This was the last part of my Christmas gift and was definitely the icing on the cake. What a way to end the year. The only disappointment was that I only got one good pic of the group and there back is to the camera :(
Well I'll let you see it anyway.

 This was my look for the evening couldn't get a full body shot.
 Resting my feet before the show
 I will hold on to these forever
 :( So wish I could get better pics but the stage was turning in a circle so they where all blurry but this one.  I think that's Bobby going for a towel.  They were all there Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky, Mike, Ralph, Johnny.
 These shoes, sigh. I was not afraid to kick them off during the show.  And o' so glad to kick them off once I got home. 

I really enjoyed myself.   A great trip down memory lane.  Hope to catch them again next time they're in town.  How about you, what did you do to bring in the new year?



Vee said...

Those shoes are NICE! Well maybe just for about an hour huh?

Kirk Franklin out on a concert at our church so that how I ran in the New Year :)

Luv and LuLu said...

What?!! Bobby was there too?!!! {{holds fake mic, singing "If It Isn't Love"}} lol

Stylifiq said...

those shoes are gorgeous.. totally worth the "pain"

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