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Do you love a good bargain? I know I do, here are a few store that I wanted to share. They have some really nice items and everything is 15 dollars or less.

Blue Halter Style Top W/Beading
I've placed an order here already. The items are of good quality.  A really nice tops and sweaters collection.  Everything is 10 dollars or less. Right now they are having a sale with everything being $7.77.  They even let you use coupons and take returns on items 365. This one is my favorite of all.

SOULMATES Stretch Shirred Double Breasted Jacket
I haven't placed an order here yet, they don't take returns so if the item doesn't fit right or isn't what you want your stuck with it.  So I am a little leery about ordering. Although I have heard good things about the store from those who did take the plunge.

Tank attached off shoulder animal print top

Everything here is either $10 or $15.  And if you can get past some of the scantly modeling it just may be worth the look.  I just came across this one last night, so I haven't placed an order yet.

Happy shopping!



Vee said...

Thanks for sharing. I LOVE a good bargain so I'll definitely be checking them out :)

PS: I sent you a message using the contact form,I hope you got it :)

alx said...

Oh, wow, great find, I've got to check these sites out.

Anonymous said...

oooh!!! I think that 3rd pic may be easy for a sewing newbie! Cute! Love the blog! Blessings! :-)

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