Higher & Higher


Higher & Higher

I came across these booties at a reasonable price for both pair. I could just go for it, but I think I should just chose one. I really haven't been into these type shoes some just look dangerous to me. HaHa. But these got me and now I'm torn. What's a girl to do?


DIY Studded Shoulder Sweatshirt


I came across this shirt online. It didn't cost much ($30) but it looks like it could be done DIY for a fraction of the cost. So I'm just thinking. hmmm...


Another four years...


Congratulations Mr. President!




And I hope you  did too.  If not there is still time. Exercise your right.


My Birthday


Today was spent lovingly with family and friends.
Thank you Lord for blessing me with another year. Here's to many more.

Being silly, no matter how old I get
I was a Cheesecake Factory virgin and felt a little silly taking pics, but hey I've been trying to get here for the longest. The decor was beautiful and the people so nice.

And the food was y-u-m-m-y. I had the bang bang chicken and shrimp.

The star of the dinner, the cheesecake, was brought home and I forgot to take a pic. I chose the red velvet
not sure how long it will last in my house, but I will enjoy every bite.  A Happy Birthday had by me. Thank you all for the birthday wishes. 


Shes got the look


Loving these looks worn by Solange Knowles for Rika Mag.

I think these boots are sooo bad!

Love the mix of prints. It just works.


Nailing it


wet n wild Grey's Anatomy

I have to admit that i'm a little all over the place when it comes to my nail color.  I just find my self changing it time and time again.  But for the past few weeks I've been reaching for this color again and again.  I love the way it changes color and some time looks like a bunch of colors all at once. Did I say I love this color. 


From the junior dept to the grown dept


Untitled #34

I am a 30 something year old woman. My birthday is this week and not that I hate getting older it's just that with age there are some things you just have to let go of. For me that thing is shopping in the juniors department for clothes.  Yes, I've held on as long as I could and it's time to let go and face the fact that my body has changed and I just can't do it anymore. It's for the best. So here's to adventures in finding grown woman clothes. And when I say grown I don't mean old. You can be fashionable at every age, but I think some women get older and forget that. Or they remember, but can't get past shopping the junior dept for clothes that don't fit properly. And that's what I'm trying to get away from.  Hoping this will be easy. I know shopping will be half the fun.

I put this look together to give me hope. Nothing is from the junior dept. and I think it is still fashionable. Yay!


The Versatile Blogger Award


I am so so humbled to be nominated for this award by the beautiful, smart, talented and so so sweet blogger Vee of the Hodgepodge Files. Thank you. I'm so humbled. She nominated me a few weeks ago so sorry for the delay. And off we go.

The RULES are as follows:

Thank the Blogger who nominated you

Share (7) random facts about yourself

Nominate (15) fellow bloggers that you recently discovered or follow regularly

Inform each nominated blogger of their nomination by posting a comment on each of their blogs

Add the Versatile Blogger Award to your post

7 random things about me:

I pray every morning, and if I forget to pray I'll say it in the middle of the day or do two prayers at nite.

I love to sew.

I love to sing and dance although I'm not good at either.

I have a handbag fetish

I 'm on a weight loss journey

I have two sons

My favorite season is the Fall

I nominate the following blogs:

If I were a britgirl
Ellegant Elle
Deejay speaks
A 1000 miles...The First Steps!
The Indie Byline
Cocoa Popps
Fashion Beauty Insight
The Salt Chronicles
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RoRo's World
Coconut + Cream

Til next time,


Power Puff Girl


I know I said that I was going to stay away from the puff and try new styles, but I had just got my hair trimmed really good and couldn't help it. lol. Power to the puff!


God is Good Bracelet Giveaway


I know it's been a long while since I had a giveaway. Head on over to my other blog here for a chance to win one of these.


Recap: entrepreneur group


Well I got dressed up and was uber excited about this event, I get there and it's nothing like I thought it was going to be.  It wasn't an open topic group and it was more lecture than anything.  This months topic was social media for your business.  I got some things out of it, but still I am a little disappointed, but I still may go next month, we'll see.  I'm a little disappointed with myself as well.  I missed an opportunity to tell about my business to one of the other attendees.  I think she would have been interested, she was wearing a piece of bible verse jewelry.  That's just what I carry in my shop. I don't know what came over me.  Hopefully there is a next time.  So til next month


OOTD I'm no fashion blogger


That's obvious from the pic below. I was alone with no photo taker so I had to make due.  Anyway I wanted to do a fashion post because I finally get to go somewhere besides running errands.  Today I will be attending an entrepreneurs group and I want to look somewhat professional. I've been wanting to attend for months now and finally I got the time.  I'm excited about what information I will be gaining.  And to finally share my ups and downs with others.  I'll share on the out come after the meeting. Til next time

Dress: Macy's
Jacket: Metro style


Close but no cigar


Happy October my loves! Hope your month is off to a great start.  Last month I didn't quite make my challenge goal of 30 post for the month. So try try again, I will be challenging myself again this month.  This use to be easy but these days it's harder I just have to make the time.  So cheer me on, this time I'll make my goal. Til next time.


He can not and will not lie


Thank you Jesus, for being a man who will not and can not lie.   Thank you Lord for your promises. My trust is in you and you alone. You said it, that settles it.


A mood shoe


I need a pair of these in my life. I would wear them for days like today when I'm feeling that kinda way.


Super cute DIY


Via A Beautiful Mess

This is too cute gold honey bear vases! Off to buy some honey and gold leaf paper.


I'm losing it


Well if you've been reading my blog you know that once again over the summer I was on a quest to loose weight.  I had a nifty name for it and everything, operation destroy muffin top!  Well I'm sad to report that I fell off that wagon some time in July. I didn't give up' I just stopped trying so hard.  And so I've still been watching what I eat, but have been doing little no exercise :(  Although still, I'm happy to report that I am losing weight! Five pounds to be exact.  Now only about ten more to go. Yay me!!!

Til next time


At the movies oldies but goodies


I've been utilizing my local library for entertainment purposes. Over the past few weeks I've seen some old but good movies.  Thanks Public library!

This movie had me crying and it's in black & white
This movie took us two days to watch. I love black history!

This movie was scarier the first time around

More crying, lol

A true story

Most of these movies I seen as a child and they have just stuck with me.  What are some of your oldie but goodies?


Am I anti social?


Wanna find me? Where to look? Facebook? Twitter? Pintrest? Instagram? Google+? Nope, where could I be?  To be truthful all this social media gives me the creeps.  Yes, the creeps.  Why? It just does.
I'm a private person by nature and  I don't like the idea of people following me everywhere.lol. I'm not the one to jump on every bandwagon that comes along.

For right now my blog and youtube channel is as social as I'm gonna be.  Everything else is over kill and I have other things that I need to do with my life.  This lesson was learned by being on Facebook waaaay to much, it just seemed like a waste after a while.  This is just me I'm not knocking anybody else or what they choose to do with their time. 

But for myself, sorry I just can't.  Til' next time.


I need a post


So I'm a little off with my posting and my challenge to post at least 30 post by the end of the month is running behind.  But I'm determined not to quit.   I got some tricks up my sleeve just to lazy to put the post together.  sigh. 


My 500th post Yay!


I can't believe I've published 500 posts!  We I first started this blog it was just to get things off my chest and ideas out of my head.  I didn't think that I would keep it up.  But here I am at post 500.  Here's to 500 more.  May I continue to write and grow. Thank you all for the support and sticking with me, your very much appreciated.  I mean that from the bottom of my heart.  Thank you!


One of the best twistouts in a long time


Thanks to water, coconut oil, and let's jam custard.  I had the custard in my stash for a while now and I was going to use it for a different style and I still may, but I thought why not a twistout.  It gave me lots of twists and not as much frizz. Although it could still us some perfecting I'm happy with it.

I am happy although this pic doesn't look like it. lol. Til next time.

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