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OK, so I'm terrified to do my own eye brows so I pay to have them done.  And shame on me that the up keep is far and between.  I usually have my eye brows threaded and the last time I had this done was last year 2010.  Now that I've gotten past the pain I've come to like threading.  This would be my second time having it done and I was very happy the first time.  With the second, not so much. 

This is a pic from the first time my eye brows where threaded.  She just shaped them up like I asked. I looked for her the second time but didn't see her.  So someone else did them for the last time. This is a pic from the second time.

Big difference if you ask me. And it didn't hit me that she didn't let me look at her work til after I had paid and gone about my way.  Or else I would had let her know.  They seem so much thinner than I would like.  On the other side there is a small place where she nicked me, I hope it doesn't leave a scar.  It didn't show til the next day.  I won't be using her services again. 

I don't know maybe it's just me. (Long sigh)  Although they are not the same person I was still expecting my eye brows to look about the  same as last time.  Maybe I was just expecting too much.  But, I still won't be using her again.

What about you, do you have any beauty services go wrong?


Vee said...

I love threading! I get mine done every 3 months and then "maintain" them myself. I go to the same place all the time. Once I went to one of their "sister" stores and had an experience like yours :) A man did it....when I got home my husband said "I thought you went to get your brows done?"

I can see the difference you;re talking about. At least the shape is not horrible and you can fill them in to make them look the way you want :)

Manda Baby said...

I have threaded before and I loved my eyebrows the first time it was done.. and then the second person who did mine really messed them up :-( .. but don't worry its maintainable.

Ayana said...

I like the first one better, too. But honestly, I am not one to talk - my eyebrows look MONSTROUS! lol. Maybe I will get them done soon..

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