Goodbye and Hello


Goodbye 2011, I could not be more thankful to have made it through to yet another year.  
As for 2012, you had me at hello.  Another year to, be more, do more, love more, laugh more, live more. Wishing you all more peace, love & blessings  and all your heart desires in the new year. Happy New Year!!


I want


I've been thirsting after chevron lately and this clutch by Red Velvet would certainly quench my thirst.

I may just DIY my own. Hmmmm....


La La & Me


Merry, merry all! I hope you all had an enjoyable holiday and are enjoying the days til' the New Year.  Mine was enjoyable spent with family and friends, yes I had a jolly good time. 

Well as promised in a previous post I said that if I got some new hair that I would take pics. So here they are enjoy.

This is La La.  I like her for the most part.  I can even use a curling iron to give her some curl.  I think I may try that because the only thing about this hair is that it's just so silky straight.  I would like to give it a french braid but it's just too silky, so the braid won't hold.  I'll try again with curl in it. 

I'm not wearing her over my eye brows like first intended, but I still think attention is taken off of them.  And I don't think they look as bad as they did. Over all I like the look. Til' next time lovelies!


Dollar Store Find Sally Hansen Color Quick Polish Nail Pen


I was getting a few needed supplies for Christmas and came across this Sally Hansen polish for only $1 compared to $6 in stores. Yes, score!

It went on quick and easy and dried fast just like it states.  Now I have to go back for more.  Hopefully they will still have some after the holiday cause I don't plan on going back out there til then.

Til' next time, Happy Holiday weekend and...


Having to do with hair


I really need some new hair. I'm tired of my curly hair and my "Tammy" hair is shedding like crazy. I've decided that I'll rock hair that's not mine for the remainder of the winter as a protective style. I was just visiting a random blog and got the idea to wear bangs to draw attention away from my eye brows. I just may try this. Here is some hair that I like.

This is LaLa, I probably wouldn't wear this down like the model.  More like in a bun, ponytail, or a long french braid.

 This is Teresa, I like the swoop bang on this one. And I would more than likely wear it as the model is.

The side pony is also cute.

I would pick some natural looking options but I'm not feeling the curly look right now.  Maybe this spring/summer. 

Whatever I choose I'll try and take pics so you all can see.  Til' next time.  Are you doing anything different with your hair for the winter?


Please stick to the rivers and the lakes your use to


So lesson learned.  I like coconut and tried coconut water and like it as well but that's no reason to believe that a different flavor will test as good.  This one didn't.  And I'll think twice before trying what I know along with what I don't.  If that makes any since.  Haha.


Just popping in


Happy Tuesday, lovelies! I have some posts brewing but haven't felt like writing them out. I hope everyone is having a lovely week and getting all of your holiday shopping done. I have one maybe two more gifts to buy and then I'm done. Yayy me! Well just popping in to say Hi! So, Hi! Til' next time lovely people.


For the last time


OK, so I'm terrified to do my own eye brows so I pay to have them done.  And shame on me that the up keep is far and between.  I usually have my eye brows threaded and the last time I had this done was last year 2010.  Now that I've gotten past the pain I've come to like threading.  This would be my second time having it done and I was very happy the first time.  With the second, not so much. 

This is a pic from the first time my eye brows where threaded.  She just shaped them up like I asked. I looked for her the second time but didn't see her.  So someone else did them for the last time. This is a pic from the second time.

Big difference if you ask me. And it didn't hit me that she didn't let me look at her work til after I had paid and gone about my way.  Or else I would had let her know.  They seem so much thinner than I would like.  On the other side there is a small place where she nicked me, I hope it doesn't leave a scar.  It didn't show til the next day.  I won't be using her services again. 

I don't know maybe it's just me. (Long sigh)  Although they are not the same person I was still expecting my eye brows to look about the  same as last time.  Maybe I was just expecting too much.  But, I still won't be using her again.

What about you, do you have any beauty services go wrong?

Look at my boots


OOOW, look at my boots (In my youtube's whoissugar voice)! If you follow my blog you know that these where on the list. And know can be crossed off. They went on sale I ordered them and now there here. Yay! OOOW, look at my boots!

What about you, any early Christmas gifts for yourself? Til next time.


Scented Nail Polish, Who Knew?


Came across these while going through the Forever 21 site. Who knew they made scented nail polish. The first one smells like roses the other jasmine.

Til next time,


Feeling some kind of way


I really hate feeling this way, please pray for me and I'll be praying too.  I feel that it has something to do with control.  I don't know what it is that I'm feeling so I can't do anything to control it and make it go away.  It may also just be Gods way of reminding me that he is in control and that he has everything under control.  Knowing this and writing things out has helped.  Thanks for listening/reading.

I hope every one had a great weekend! Til' next time.  


Go Rover


Happy Saturday lovely people!  I just had to share this I think it's just too cute.

images Roverdog Etsy

Theses pics just make me smile, too cute!  Although I wouldn't do this to my dog if I had one. Cute idea.


My goodies are here! Black Friday store reviews


Hello, and happy Thursday beautiful people! Well any day Mr. Postman pays a visit with goodies in tow is a good day for me.  And today I received my Black Friday goodies.  I didn't order alot, but I'm in love with my picks just the same.

First up,  Not really sure how I came across this site but I'm glad I did.  She has some really nice items and they are reasonably priced.  They came nicely packaged and boxed and arrived fairly fast. Shipping cost was also reasonable.  

 I love the detail in these hoops.
You can check out if you like.  

Next up, QuellyRue Designs.  I came across this adorable little shop on Etsy.  She has alot of nice items all handmade just for you!  And me of course.  I have to say the item that I purchased came nicely packaged along with a nice handwritten note thanking me for my purchase on store letterhead.  Such a nice touch.  Although I wanted to buy just about everything, lol.  I limited myself to this beautiful tote bag.  I don't know if I want to carry it or frame it. Shipping was also fast and reasonable.

Til next time,

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