People, Places, Things #4


Happy Saturday, lovlies! I hope everyone is having a safe and fun weekend.  Since I know tomorrow I probably won't be doing anything but going to church and chilling around the house I figured I do this post today.

This is my son and this was my kickin' it partner for the day.  We finally got around to getting out to visit this farm not to far from home. 

Funny, now that I look at this pic I notice the palm trees. Yep, a farm in the desert, ha, ha.  And the corn maze they speak off, we got lost in it but obviously found our way out. LOL.  It was fun. 

It started off chilly and got hot as the day went on, hence my son riding around in his undershirt, lol.

So tomorrow is chill day and I finally got my library books off hold so this is what I will be reading.

 I don't have cable, but got into the re-runs of The City over the summer and really liked her stright forward attitude.  So I'm looking forward to reading this. I've heard good things about it.

I heard good things about this one as well. We will see :)   So, thats my weekend.  What about yours?  Til next time my lovely people.


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