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If you read my blog then you know about my recent post about my sucky wardrobe. Well in hopes of getting my style back, I've decided that instead of passing up on clothing pieces because I fell like I won't have any place to wear it, to just go for it. And by doing so I will make the most of every opportunity to put an outfit together. With the exception of running errands. I will still wear lounge clothes for those.

Today was parent teacher conferences and although these things are brief, I still wanted to put some effort into my outfit.

My son took this pic and I think he did a great job! He is also doing very well in school. 

Oh, and by the way here are the earring that I'm wearing although you can't see them in the pic. They are from Randall V Designs.  She was nice enough to send these to me as a thank you for mentioning her in an earlier post.  I'm mentioning them to you now because I never got around to showing you all. They are truly beautiful.

You can check out her other items here.

This is what the earring are made of.

That's all for now lovelies, til next time.


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Carmesha said...

I love the bag! the sweater too!

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