Flipping flip flops


Not too long ago I got rid of alot of clothes that I couldn't fit anymore. Although I'm still losing weight I've come to terms with the fact that I probably won't get back to the size I was. And I'm OK with that. Along with the clothes I also got rid of my most of my many flip flops. Yay! Since I moved to a warmer climate I for whatever reason became flip flop obsessed. I had a pair in just about every color, yes it was bad. But no more! I have vowed to keep the flip flops to a minimum. So now I'm on the look out for actual shoe and sandals. So just in time to take advantage of end of season bargains I've found a few pairs that I would like to share.

 Please excuse the naked toes, lol.  I really like these and jumped on them when I saw them.   At first I thought I was going to be disappointed because they are a size 11.  But instead of leaving disappointed I tried them on and they fit fine.  They must have wanted me too.

 I truly love the stud detailing in this sandal.  I'm cutting it close with this pair I know, it's not my usual size either.  Although my toes aren't hanging off the front they are right at the edge.  lol

This shoe caught me and wanted to go home with me too.  They didn't mind that I was a girl, cause this is a mens shoe.  Yes, I liked them so I took a chance and got them. Shhhhh.....

(If you ever want to wear a mens shoe, but don't know your size.  Just subtract two from your regular shoe size.)

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