Just like any other day


Well its the day after Thanksgiving, better know as black Friday. I got out some today but not to fight the crowds for the great deal on the laptop or pair of shoes etc. More like out to run errands like it was any other day of the week. Yep, I've worked in retail long enough to know that its just not that worth it. At least not for me cause I know that more than likely the same deal will be ran again before Christmas. So why not wait for it instead of throwing bows at the local mall? Sorry I'm just not the one.

I did get some cyber shopping done and can't wait for my goodies to come. I'll show you what I got when I get it:) It's just a few accessories, I don't so much buy clothes online I need to know how it will look on my frame. And sometimes it's hard to catch all the detailing of clothes when buying online, don't you think?

And I said all of that to say, the holiday shopping season is on! Have fun and be safe this shopping season. Til' next time lovely people.


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