Getting a Jump Start


With the first week of November now at a close and December along with a new year close ahead. I've been looking over the past year and I've come to find that I really haven't blogged much this year. I really have no reason why but if anything its been due to lack of inspiration. Oh yea, and pure laziness. LOL. Because the current year has gotten away from me so quickly, I proclaiming 2012 as my year to "Be More". Yes, "Be More" (I'll tell more about this in another post).

For the year 2010, it was my year to "Just Do It". And I did, and a lot of time without a second thought. This was both good and bad. I would set out to do something and fall short because I didn't plan effectively. Of the same token, I was able to do things that otherwise I would not have because I would just talk myself out of it. My year of "Just Do It" wasn't a total fail, I did have my accomplishments. The current year just doesn't seem to come close. I haven't written this year off yet. It's always good to start where you are, so that is just what I'm gonna do. Why not get a head start right?


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